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IMS – Delivering Measurable Business Value Through IT

- By Apurva Dalal on 4 April 2014

Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) promise to bring in efficiency and resilience in managing the existing IT infrastructure and addressing the growing business demands on the IT side. IMS is enabling IT infrastructure to become more responsive, scalable, cost efficient and allowing automatic diagnostics to prognostics. Apurva Dalal, Practice & Delivery Director, IMS, KPIT, talks about the new trends in IMS.

Is hybrid cloud model the best approach?

- By Shirish Patwardhan on 28 March 2014

In this blog, Shirish Patwardhan, CTO, KPIT, talks about Hybrid Cloud and why it could become the go-to model in the near future.

Latest inspirations

Elections 2014: Let’s Stop Complaining. Let’s Vote

- By Blog Editorial Team on 14 April 2014

As India gears up for the world's biggest election, KPIT's Blog Editorial Team, urges everyone to cast their votes.  

Chhote Scientists: Kuch naya kare

- By Amruta Pacharne on 24 February 2014

Amruta Pacharne, a Software Engineer at KPIT, talks about the Chhote Scientists initiative and the power of education. Through this blog she urges us all to join this program and make it an even bigger success than it already is.  

Latest innovations

Mission 2020: Will all Cars be Green Cars?

- By Chinmay Pandit on 21 March 2014

India National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 envisages 5-7 million electric vehicles (EVs) will be on the roads by 2020. Will this become a possibility or will it remain just a fantasy?

On-Bus ITS: Creating Better Public Transport in Urban Cities in India

- By Rajneesh Kalawant on 7 March 2014

Rajneesh Kalawant, Associate Vice President – Automotive Business, KPIT, talks about On-Bus Intelligent Transport System (ITS), India’s first ARAI-certified product, and why it will go a long way in easing transportation woes on city roads.